Camouflage nets have become one of the important initiatives launched by Vadym, a volunteer with Peace for Kharkiv. Thanks to his ingenuity and hard work, these nets have become indispensable elements for the military on the front line. The success story of the camouflage nets reflects the importance of this project and the positive impact it has on saving the lives of the military. In this context, Vadym's experience and knowledge were key to the successful implementation of the project. He has made a significant contribution to the development of the organization and its mission to promote peace and security in our country.

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Moroz Nadiia


The military on the use of camouflage nets:

"Last year we were sent to the front line near Avdiivka. Thanks to the camouflage nets placed by our volunteers, we were able to protect our position from enemy fire points. They provided us with an important element of cover that helped us avoid disclosing our position and remain invisible to the enemy."


"We had many challenging tasks in our operation, and the camouflage nets provided us with an additional level of protection. We placed them around our position and were able to effectively hide from the enemy. Thanks to this, we were successful in our mission and saved our team."


"During our mission in the Kharkiv region, camouflage nets became an indispensable tool for our safety. We used them to provide cover when we were forced to move under enemy fire. They helped to reduce the risk of our casualties and contributed significantly to our mission."